Identity for the Berghs Grad Show 2014 theme “Make it Matter”. The exhibition were produced by Studentbyrån (The Student Agency), 12 selected students from Berghs all full-time courses.

With “Make It Matter”, we wanted to highlight that what we add shall matter and interact with the core, whether it applies to individuals, a product, a service or a business. As designers we chose to create a strong core consisting a pattern that shines through all communication, and on top of that add a layer that interacted with the core to spread the message.

When we created the core – our pattern, we wanted to give life to things that were discarded as worthless. We searched among garbage, in nature and in a garage for interesting shapes and textures. By making the analog digital via a photo copier, our stuff got a completely different expression when they were processed in the computer.

Specialinbjudningar för utvalda personer och byråer. Printad och bockad akryl där den utskurna logotypen är placerad på det främre lagret för att samspela med mönstret på det bakre.