New digital identity and website concept for White Arkitekter.

White wanted a website that stood out and showed their innovative approach in design. They said: ”Make it messy, creative and human with a sense of behind the scenes work-in-progress”.

White Arkitekter

They also wanted an award-winning site. We accepted the challenge and one year later won gold in the Swedish Design Award 2018 for best information website, as well as trophies and nominations in seven international awards.

With user needs and the keywords "explore", "challenge" and "inspire" in focus, we created a website that represents White's view of diversity and inclusion. The use of a wide shifting color palette represents democracy.

Together with an asymmetrical grid and typography as well as elements that move in different layers and speeds, the website conveys a sense of controlled creative mess.

White Arkitekter

By adding the community and human-focused image and video material, the "creative behind the scenes" feeling was also finally there.